Country Financial is a Clusterfuck of Bullshit

FYI @HelloCountry <p>My sister is a customer of your organization, and we have been sitting at 2800 W. Diversy since 9:30pm attempting to get roadside assistance. My sister spoke to at least 6 people requesting assistance and a quote. Not a single person bothered to verify our address exactly. As a result of this gross incompetence we are still sitting FOUR hours later in the dark, alone with my teenage niece. We are stuck in Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago. Because of your company's negligence ANYTHING that happens to us, it your organization's fault. We are not safe and we are stranded and alone. The fact that representatives are idiots we are in imminent danger. And the only thing the dispatcher offered was a tow truck that will not arrive until 2:30am. And we've been here since 9:30pm. I fully intend to do whatever is necessary to ensure that NO One ever uses your services. Because this is abuse.</p>

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Re: Binny's Response: Privacy Concerns

Thank you for your response. I will hold my shopping at Binny's to a minimum until the change is complete. Just as I said to Joe the Assistant Director of Operations, I realize that I am not a million dollar customer, but I did prefer Binny's to any other store in the Chicagoland area, but the combination of the risk that my personal information is at risk and the complete and total lack of empathy on the part of both your store manager & assistant Director of Operations, I do not feel confident Binny's is actually concerned about the safety risks posed by this behavior. The fact that your assistant director was on the telephone with me for over 15 minutes and never apologized until I pointed it out to him, is beyond bad customer service, it relates a dismissive culture, whether or not this is the culture that Binny's seeks to provide this is the one that is there. I am so disconcerted by the fact that Joe's solution of "always having my key fob" instead of protecting the privacy of the customers is scary. But there's a certain comfort of never having to suffer as a victim of domestic violence or identity theft that puts more responsibility on the consumer than admitting that there are flaws in the process. As I stated to him, and I now telling you: I will make sure I notify those around me that the Assistant Director of Operations made it clear that if someone wants the information, they will get it, because privacy screens prevent customers from seeing what you all are ringing, even though Binny's has already put the key pads at the end of the register that outlines the purchases and what's being rang. 

After the conversation I had with the general store manager and the Assistant Director of Operations, it is very apparent to me that either the security concerns are of no consequence or the information of what's being done to create a more secure environment for your customers is not being properly disseminated. 

Good Day,
LaTrice Janine 60617

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On May 12, 2015, at 12:15 PM, Rick Parenti <rparenti@binnys.com> wrote:

Thanks for sharing your concerns. Our customers safety and security is very important to Binny's. We are reviewing our current processes and looking at options to provide more secure method, including using phone numbers when doing Binny's Card searches. We have been actively working to secure many areas of our operations, not only for Binny's security, but also for our customers.
We appreciate your feedback and concerns and we will continually work to provide the best security for our customers. If there is anything else I can assist with, please feel free to contact me.
Rick Parenti
Director of Operations
Binny's Beverage Depot
8935 N. Milwaukee Ave
Niles, IL 60714
Phone (847) 581-3180



Because Jordan Davis.....

Was murdered for being young. And. Black. And. Loud. And because my nephew is at a dance tonight where kids are young & loud & because the nausea is so fucking overwhelming because heaven fucking forbid a black child have the fucking audacity to go out & be young and Black & loud.

And I have no positive thoughts to share. I haven't the ability to say anything except I hate this fucking country because this wretched ass place hates everything about me. And for every young black boy I may have bore in my womb and the thought that some racist bastard may ever end his life too fucking soon & not pay for it with his own.....

I would TORTURE AND KILL. AND MUTILATE the corpse of he bastard. And after boiling his skin in a vat of hydrochloric acid I would THEN make some food & send it to the bastard's family & make sure they eat his fucking brains.

But. Fuck all that. The All Stars are on.... Lets watch the chosen diggers bounce balls into oblivion instead......



These are four of the six styles of tees that I launched a campaign to sell. 

The sizes range from S-2XL. I would love if you all supported this endeavor by clicking the link & pre-ordering a shirt! They only print if 25 orders are made. I loved this idea & thought how many women feel this way?!? 

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Dry Penis Tales???

So. I live in the 3rd largest city in the United States. It just so happens this is also the murder capital of the United States as well. Because I decided I no longer wanted to live with my family in the far southern part of the city, I moved to one of the university centers and got myself a roommate because its a) cheaper and b) safer. Remember: its the "murder capital" after all.

Its very interesting to me that people often make assumptions regarding my roommate and I when we are out & about around our neighborhood getting things for our home.

It seems that modern America specifically black male America has an issue with two adult women residing in a home together. They seem to take personal concern to our living together. Despite the fact that my roommate and I are just friends who needed a place to live in an expensive city center, we are still often met with disdain and irritation when we are out hanging out or eating.

I find it concerning for multiple reasons. One because we are both heterosexual women constantly met with assumptions and prejudice when we leave our shared living space. Second if we were lovers why do Black men instead of ignoring us if they do not approve of our lifestyle choices? I am alarmed for the lesbian couples that do live in my neighborhood because if my roommate and I are subjected to such scrutiny what happens when they are out in the neighborhood? Are they greeted with sneers and hostility when they leave home? Go to eat? Hell walk down the street?

I don't understand why its a concern to so many and I find it offensive and off putting when I feel like I have to announce my heterosexuality to strangers when I consider myself an ally and friend to so many.... Its like I have to choose a side when I didn't realize there were sides to be chosen.

As much as I want to be in a relationship I look at these angry men and think to myself "Dude instead of trying to get in with two pretty girls, you standing around sulking and assuming.... While your penis is staying dry!"

If you happen to read this on my almost defunct blog please take a moment and check out my microblog:
http://thedrypenistales.tumblr.com its my new avenue of expression. And fun....


I'm So Over the Natural Hair Meetups, Councils, & Unnecessary Berating of Hair

I'm sick of the big deals being made over natural hair as though it gives a greater understanding of self & it is a reason to separate & ostracize other members of our community. If some asswhole doesn't like you cause you have natural hair, be honest, do you want such a shallow ass as a man anyway?!?
Get over it. 
Natural hair is about self love. When you speak & judge people who look like you but have different hairstyles/textures note that is also a form of self hate. 

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I truly wish that every time there's a mass shooting in Whitetown USA people would stop aligning those issues with the violence in Chicago.

I truly wish that every time there's a mass shooting in Whitetown USA people would stop aligning those issues with the violence in Chicago. One has nothing to with the other. Lets examine the last two big ones:
Movie Theater & Grammar School

Have you ever attended a movie in Chicagoland? Chances are if you have you'd know they are heavily guarded by armed security/police officers.
Have you visited a grammar school in chicago? No? Well let me tell you when I graduated from Burnside Scholastic Academy back in 1995, we had security guards who monitored the building. Back then (during the golden age of drive bys) you couldn't get in & out of my school building w/out proper identification and you were only going through one door cause our alternate entrances had alarms to alert security of intruders.

Now. For the folks who want to align the situation in Connecticut to Chicago for means of expanding gun control....


The boys & men in chicago doing the murders are not effected by gun control.... Wanna know why?!? Cause they're obtaining the guns illegally anyway. I know. I know. Clearly these young men who can't even shoot a gun correctly or at the right person, clearly they're licensed for the guns they're using to kill innocent unarmed people.

The problems in chicago, and I think I am in a position to make this statement having actually lived here, in a neighborhood that waxes & wanes between high & low crime rates for 30 years, has nothing at all to do w/the current gun laws. But more to do w/the illegal funneling of automatic weapons into certain communities.
Not many people will want to admit it, but there was a marked decrease in handgun crimes in Gary, Indiana(you know the former murder capital of the USA) after the steel mills closed in the early 2000's. Now I am not saying the steel mill companies were bringing guns to Gary, but when you're transporting steel to & from the manufacturer & refining companies, guns, which incidentally are metal, may make it through as well.

Instead of focusing on the people who legally obtained guns as a means of protection for themselves & their families lets examine the folks who are getting them illegally.

And. When we explore examine & dissect the pathology of mass murderers who obtained their guns legally let's take a moment to examine honestly how they have nothing to do w/the murders here in chicago, but they are people either because of mental illness, God/entitlement complexes, or abuse have chosen a dysfunctional path to dealing with their lives. Not. Because they are young black men who have been taught that they are violent animals who's lives aren't worth a damn & this is what they're supposed to do, or forced to do because they have little to no choice in life.

People need to stop building bridges in places that have to reasonable explanation to being connected. Mass murder & Chicago gun violence are not the same. Stop trying to make it as such.


Chicago Chick who happened to take many critical thinking classes while residing in the "notorious" Jeffery Manor since 1985.....

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